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VIHA ERGONOMICS established more than 15 years ago, manufacture and import high quality solutions in office and school furniture. Being ISO 9001 certified, we offer a wide range of ergonomic and durable furniture that meets the highest global quality standards.

We have pioneered specially designed School furniture in India, with safety being an important consideration. Our colourful range is robust yet fun; and aimed to stimulate and engage children with learning. Products are continuously being evolved by our in-house R &D team, to keep pace with newer technologies and teaching methods.

Stringent quality control is infused throughout the system; from selection of the best raw materials, through the production process, to deliver consistently and efficiently.

We are strongly committed to client satisfaction. It’s no coincidence that we have the largest installed base of school furniture in India; our clients being among of the best reputed schools and corporates. We look forward to being of service.

Its quality and innovative designs have been tested and approved of by time and by the most energetic students across India for the last twelve years. We offer many furniture options that accommodate diverse teaching styles.

The designs are scientifically created so that each piece attracts, stimulates and educates young minds. Enjoyment is packed in with functionality and the promise of durability. Each piece that carries our label is made from replenishable wood sources and is done over with non-toxic surfaces. All products come in knocked down form with easy assembly instructions, so that the physical location of the educational establishments ceases to matter.


Our vision is to become a Leading School furniture company in the sector that stands out for its capacity to adapt to the needs of each customer, providing a top-class service with continuous growth in R&D.

We are increasingly expanding our nationwide presence, renowned for our quality and service, through a steadfast commitment to the environment.


  • To conduct business with ethical practices and WALK OUR TALK.
  • To offer consistent Products and Services with uncompromising quality supported by continuous improvements and innovations thereby exceeding Customer's expectation.
  • To ensure the culture of utmost respect and empowerment to individuals and be a catalyst in enhancing their competencies.

Classroom Design as per Curriculum

There is a widespread adoption of Classrooms in the 21st Century according to the Collaborative Learning Curriculum. This must be supported because it will be the dominant model of education for the foreseeable future.

Collaborative Learning is student centered, empowering the student to be an active participant in the learning process. It revolves around solving open-ended problems. This gives students, an opportunity to develop the widest range of learning skills.

Classroom Furniture’s Active Role in Learning Environments

The classroom has evolved from a static physical space into a dynamic learning environment. There is a combination of better understanding of the way students learn and the ability to apply that understanding through more effective teaching methods. As the teaching methods changed, so have the teacher’s tools, including the classroom furniture.

Movable furniture

Mobility is a vital attribute for furniture in a collaborative learning classroom. So, always consider optional casters for desks and tables. Without them, moving desks is a struggle for small students, and reconfiguring classrooms disrupts progress on lessons and projects.

Management of project materials

The educator needs more tools to facilitate group and project learning. One invaluable resource is a cabinet that allows project materials to be sorted and stored for each group, distributed to the group when needed, then put away when finished.

Different learning modalities

The 21st Century Classroom supports passive and active learning lesson plans. It eases the transition from lecture style to learner-led and teacher-guided lessons. The classroom makes use of analog and digital visual presentation technology.

Connectivity is key

Whether they’re working with tablets or laptops, students need the ability to connect with data and other resources. It is crucial for 21st Century Classrooms to provide students with both power as well as WiFi for their devices.

Classroom furniture as a teaching tool

The classroom furniture’s design can help students learn (and teachers teach) in several ways. The furniture should meet physical requirements like size and properly scaled to fit the size of the student. This eliminates a distraction and helps students to concentrate.

Equally important is whether classroom furniture is consistent with the curriculum. Learning now often takes place in groups numbering from two to six students; classroom furniture has to have the ability to be configured in groups. This is largely determined by the design.

Create an instant impression

We have found the shapes and colors of classroom furniture making the environment welcoming, stimulating and engaging to the student. Classroom furniture is a physical point of contact between the student and the school. We offer many choices, so your classroom furniture sends the right messages.